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Karen is a certified yoga instructor who teaches at studios and health clubs in New York City. She also provides one-on-one private-client instruction throughout the New York area.

Karen has instructed classes in the New York area and abroad in all types of yoga infusing an energetic and upbeat atmosphere in an effort to make yoga exciting and fun for advanced practitioners and novices alike. Her basic practice draws from the "old school" Jivamukti style, but with a stronger focus on alignment. Her objective is to bring students to a point where the Vinyasa flow becomes a moving meditation where each student is just riding his or her breath as we aspire to create space in our bodies, in our minds and, ultimately, in our hearts. So whether you are sweating through a rigorous core power class or finding stillness in holding a pose, her goal is to help you focus on your breath, find your space and let your mind quiet.

Karen was introduced to yoga in 1995. Drawing motivation from the students and the advanced poses they were able to do, she found herself returning again and again. During her time on Wall Street, she used yoga as an escape from the pressures of the trading floor - to sweat, de-stress and clear her mind.

As her practice evolved and developed, Karen obtained her certification from YogaWorks in 2001, logging hundreds of hours in training in the basic and finer points of yoga. She later studied with yoga luminaries such as Baron Baptiste and Ana Forrest and has been fortunate to learn from, and be influenced by, wonderful teachers such as Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Kelly Morris, Jessica Bellofatto, Sadie Nardini and Wayne Krassner. She also draws inspiration from the dedication, advancements and breakthroughs of her students.

Karen is very active in her local community and introducing new people to the joy and benefits of Yoga by acting as an ambassador for lululemon athletica .

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